The most beautiful scenery

Inadvertently, in a corner, in life, by your side, you will find the most beautiful scenery.

The blue sky and white clouds were playing in the air, and the birds lined up in a long line, staying on the telephone poles, forming an ellipsis, as if they were admiring the beauty of spring. This admiration is indescribable. I embarked on the way home, and along the way, the little schoolbag "dangdang" sounded, beating the music for me.

I run for a while and jump for a while. After a while, I ran here to look at the bugs in the grass, and then I picked a leaf and blew it by my mouth, and sometimes touched the "little green bud" that had just sprouted on that branch. Suddenly, I found a little girl by the flower bed looking into the box! What is she looking at? I stopped and looked at her curiously.

After a while, she took a kitten out of the box. Is that an abandoned kitten? I thought to myself.

The little girl held the cat’s forelegs with her hands and scratched the cat’s chin. Then, she murmured: "Who is so cruel to not want you?

--The most beautiful scenery

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