Watermelon (scientific name: Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.) Matsum. et Nakai) annual vine;Stems, branches stout, with obvious ribs.Tendrils more stout, pubescent, petioles thick, densely pilose;Leaf blade papered, triangular ovate in outline, whiish-green, two masks short bristle, leaf base cordate.Hermaphrodite.Both male and female flowers were solitary in leaf axils.Male flower pedicels 3 -- 4 cm long, densely yellowish-brown villous;Calyx tube broadly campanulate;Corolla pale yellow;Stamens subtuberous, filaments short, locules flexed.Female flowers: calyx and corolla identical with male flowers;Ovarian ovate, stigma reniform.Fruit large, nearly spherical or elliptical, fleshy, juicy, smooth peel, color and decoration of various.Seeds numerous, ovate, black, red, smooth on both sides, base obtuse round, margin usually slightly arched, flowering in summer.

Watermelon as a summer fruit, fruit flesh sweet, can cool down and heat;The seeds contain oil and can be used as recreational food;Pericarp medicinal, heat clearing, diuresis, lower blood pressure effect
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