Pumpkin (scientific name:Cucurbita moschata (Duch. Ex Lam.) Duch. Ex Poiret) a plant of the genus Cucurbita moschata, an annual trailing herb, having often nodal roots, stout petioles, broadly ovate or ovoid leaves, slightly soft in quality, with raised veins, slightly stout tendrils, monoecious, stout fruiting stems,Ribbed and grooved, depending on the variety, often outside a number of longitudinal furrows or no, many seeds, long ovate or oblong.

Mexico to Central America, the world is widely cultivated.It was introduced into China in the Ming Dynasty and is now widely planted in the north and south. The fruit of the pumpkin serves as a feast or substitute for food.The whole strain of each department and for medicinal purposes, seeds containing pumpkin seed amino acids, heat dehumidification, insecticide effect, control and kill schistosomiasis effect, vine has the role of heat clearance, gua ti has the effect of an fetus, a radical cure of toothache.

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